HEART School in Haiti

HEART Mission

To educate the whole child empowering them to reach their full potential.

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The elementary school was founded in 2010 in an earthquake-damaged house that was a family home of the Director/Headmaster Schadrac Saint Louis. The school registered 42 students and hired five teachers from the community.


The initial classrooms and cafeteria building was constructed from four shipping containers on the newly acquired 2-acre piece of property. More classrooms were fabricated as the number of grades increased. In addition, an all-purpose building now rounds out the campus. This great addition to the campus, a gift from the Rose Foundation, provides space for community as well as the school activities. In addition to instruction, the children receive two school meals each day, cooked and served in the cafeteria, made with ingredients from local markets and from the school garden tended by students.

School Growth

The HEART School in Haiti continues to grow. Today there are 179 students and 25 school team members. Each year another grade of students has been added, creating new jobs for local community members and providing hope and education to the children